Friday, February 19, 2010

More exciting news!

Mama Goose and I have just received some very exciting news! Goosey Gander and Flibbertigibbet have been accepted to be stallholders at the amazing Handmade Market here in Canberra on the 28th of March.

We've attended several Handmade markets as shoppers, and are just so, so excited to be attending as stallholders (although we'll still make time to shop, I'm sure!)

Click on the postcard above to be redirected to the Handmade Market website where you can read about the gorgeous new venue at Kamberra Wine Company and get a glimpse of some of the wonderful handmade products on offer. There is something for everyone at Handmade Market.


  1. Hi Ladies we are looking forward to seeinf you at Handmade.

  2. Thanks Julie - we can't wait!