Monday, May 17, 2010

Another photo shoot with Tess


Last Monday (was it really only a week ago?) Goosey Gander and Flibbertigibbet had a photoshoot with Tess of Tess Anthony Photography to get some shots featuring both our ranges.

Our approach was, in retrospect, rather risky. We assembled five gorgeous and very active children, took them outdoors to a park with lots of places to explore (including fishponds), hyped them up on some biscuits and then let them loose on the photographer. Amazingly, it worked, with far more credit due to Tess' talent than any form of co-operation from the children!

Here's gorgeous Miss Goosey aged 18 months in a new range Goosey Gander Babushka Pinafore (these will debut at Handmade Market on the 5th of June) with co-ordinating button elastics. Miss Goosey has quite a collection of Flibbertigibbet hair accessories and finally has long enough hair for pigtails - hooray!

Tess did a simply amazing job, and you can see a sneak peak of more photos on her blog here

Thank you so much, Tess!

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  1. What a lovely photo and such a brave photographer , great job !