Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hazy Shade of Winter

One of the many things I love about living in Canberra is that we get to experience the four seasons in all their glory.

I love Autumn, with the amazing colour palette of the deciduous trees followed by the crunch of leaves underfoot. Winter in Canberra brings those incredibly crisp, clear days where the sun shines brightly and once you rug up appropriately it can be surprisingly enjoyable to spend part of the day outside.

It can also be bitterly cold and dreary at times, so if you need to brighten up your day then one of these hand bags just might fit the bill. I've been carrying around the prototype of this range for over a year and have been asked countless times where I got it. The answer then was that it was created for me by my very talented mother-in-law, Mary. Now that Mary has gone into exclusive and limited production for Flibbertigibbet, I'll just hand over a business card!

The Winter's day I took these photos definitely fell into the 'cold and dreary' category, so I will be back with another post tomorrow with more photos to better capture the colour and detail of these one of a kind bags.

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