Thursday, July 9, 2009

What is it?

While at times in Winter it can seem like the world is going to hibernate forever, inevitably Spring eventually arrives. And although at the moment a lot of the trees are bare, quiet miracles like this are pushing their green shoots through the soil towards daylight, with the promise of green and growing things to come:

And I have no idea of what it is! We bought and moved to this house in March, so there are little surprises like this popping up all over our otherwise sleeping garden. I can't wait to see the colours that emerge over the coming months; various bulbs number among my favourite flowers and I always look forward to the spectacular Floriade with great anticipation. We moved to Canberra at the start of Spring in 2007, and I also have two Spring babies - is it any wonder I love Spring?

So while I've been enjoying Winter, I've been busy creating my own little Spring garden of Flower Clips from a range of gorgeous fabrics. After the first market at Hall, it appears others love them just as much as I do. These photos are of my much depleted stock after the market; I need to stock up on the popular colours and patterns again, and add a few more to the range. I love tracking down the ditsy prints and dots and finding new colours. 

Miss Diva is also quite taken with them, and is fast amassing her own little collection. Truth be told, I suspect she thinks all of the clips are hers, but since visiting the market stall she has a better comprehension of just why Mum is coaxing these little blossoms along. She loves wearing the hair clips I make, and I've even been known to wear them myself! I have plans to expand the range of Flower Clips for future markets.

Flibbertigibbet's Button Clips also proved very popular at Hall market. Whimsical ladybugs, butterflies, flowers, stripes, tiny Matryoshka dolls, lots and lots of dots and spots; there was something to capture the attention of little and not-so-little girls alike, they really did appeal to all ages.

People especially loved fossicking through the big wooden bowl 
of Button Clips, mixing and matching their own pairs.

Seen anything you like? Let me know in the comments and I will 
set it aside for you to collect at the next market.

As with the flowers, I have a few other plans for these covered buttons too. Since 
the success of our first market stall, my mind has been fairly buzzing with new ideas.

Flibbertigibbet and Goosey Gander will be 
at Hall Market on Sunday, August 2nd, 2009. 

Look out for expansion of the current ranges and the addition of some new ranges; bunting - perfect for birthday parties and children's bedrooms, and quirky mobiles and wind chimes.

*** Oh, and I haven't forgotten I promised you photos of the range of handbags. The photos are uploading to the computer as I type, and I will be back ASAP to add them.

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