Monday, July 5, 2010

One year on

Yesterday morning found me driving to Black Mountain for the all too rare treat of a child free breakfast with friends. It's just as well I knew Black Mountain was there because the fog was so thick I couldn't actually see Black Mountain, or even the Tower for that matter.

And it was cold. So cold. It reminded me a lot of the first market day for Flibbertigibbet and Goosey Gander, which was at Hall Market 12 months ago today. Just where has that year gone?

Unfortunately Mama Goose and I both forgot to take our cameras on our first market day, but our stall looked a lot like this:

The above photo was actually from our second market at Hall in August. It was just as cold as July from memory, but by then we'd worked out that wearing three pairs of socks each helped a lot. Not quite sufficient for us to have full feeling in our feet, but enough to ward off frostbite. Fortunately we were in a great location and hot chocolate and our favourite 'A Moment on the Lips' cupcakes were in ready supply just a few stalls away to keep our spirits (and core body temperature) up.

Looking at the photo brings back lots of memories. We have certainly come a long way since our very humble beginnings. We've only been using our marquee since the start of this year, but it seems like so long ago that we were at the total mercy of the weather. We've moved on from using bedsheets as tablecloths too - thank goodness, as they were simply awful to iron. It is interesting to look at our initial product ranges and see what has changed and what has remained the same. And I still remember the thrill of my first sale and the slight disbelief that someone else saw value in what I made and was actually prepared to pay money for it - wow!

It's been a fabulous year and a huge learning curve, and we wouldn't still be here without our customers so a big thank you to you all! I am sure the next year will be just as wonderful; I've got big plans for the remainder of July and Mama Goose and I are already working on stock for Handmade in Bloom on Saturday the 11th of September. Ah, September in Canberra - Spring, Handmade Market and Floriade - bliss!

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